Ott, Can't wait for your new album... Getting quite excited.
Do you have any tips for making your awesome pads. What do you use and what processes etc. Whenever I make pads they just sound rubbish, so generally i prefer to leave them out, even though on the odd occasion when they come up well I think they sound great, and soften the whole piece. Any broad spectrum tips on them would be greatly appreciated.

Ott responded on 08/13/2015

Watch the low end - pads can muddy things up really quickly if you're not careful and rarely need anything below 250Hz.

They can carry quite a bit of energy too so judicious levelling is essential. I will generally use a low ratio [2:1] low threshold compressor with a slowish attack and release to control the RMS level and make sure things don't get too swampy.

Width is important too and I use a bit of M/S processing to keep them out of the [usually crowded] middle.

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