Hi, Mr. Ott
Do you do anything special to decompress after finishing an album? Do you find it difficult listening to your own music without picking it apart? Enquiring minds want to know!

Ott responded on 08/13/2015

Yes, I pack my family up into our campervan and we drive off to somewhere lovely for a couple of weeks. This time it will be the Pyrenees via the west coast of France.

The moment the mastering is signed off and I'm unable to make any further changes I start being able to hear the songs as music and not as imperfect projects to be improved. I'm already discovering which my favourites are and how they all fit together. It's quite surprising because I've ended up with a very different album to the one I thought I had even two weeks ago.

The psychology of all this never ceases to perplex me and I have vowed to make a sign to hang over my work desk which says:

"Of course you hate it - you've just listened to it 1000 times without a break."

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