Congratulations on an amazing new album! Some of your best music in my opinion and it's great to see you evolving in new directions.

How did you enjoy the experience of using Kickstarter to support your studio time? And how soon after your tour can we pay you to go back to the studio? Kidding, this album will keep us happy for many years to come!

Ott responded on 08/13/2015

Kickstarter made the whole thing possible really. I doubt I'd be much further on if I hadn't been able to turn down gigs for six months.

As soon as my September/October US tour is finished I will be heading straight back into the studio to complete the 'Ott & The All-Seeing I" album which is all written, partly arranged and sounding very promising. Hoping to have that ready for release by spring 2016 and then I'll start on my next one.

Between then and now I have some remixes and a mix to do for my Kickstarter backers and another couple of weeks relaxing in the south of France with my girls.

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