First off, Loving the new album (including the cat purr) and thank you for allowing me to contribute I love seeing my picture in the book of awesome (I'm the guy standing up with a Harris Hawk perched on one hand). The question I'd like to ask is, in a lot of your music you have this effect that breaks up the sound like in the Matrix film and goes all bitcrusher-like. Please can you tell me what bit of kit you used to do that? Thanks in advance, John Davies.

Ott responded on 09/01/2015

I use many different things. For 'bitcrushing' I like to use an old 1980s 8bit digital delay with a control voltage to manipulate the sample time [and, therefore, frequency] outside of standard operational parameters.

Or I'll just use the standard Cubase bitcrusher plugins. Whichever is easiest.

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