If you yourself were to listen to Blumenkraft & Skylon, just as 'an ordinary listener at home' (so to speak), what kind of audio equipment would you IDEALLY like to listen on ?

Ott responded on 09/01/2015

Whatever is there.

I like my Audio Dynamix Pulse for general listening, but sometimes I listen on my iPhone speaker. Last night I listened to 'Fairchildren' all the way through on my 13" MacBook Pro's built-in mono laptop speaker.

Generally anything which will prevent me being too critical of the technicalities. Definitely not studio monitors.

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First off, Loving the new album (including the cat purr) and thank you for allowing me to contribute I love seeing my picture in the book of awesome (I'm the guy standing up with a Harris Hawk perched on one hand). The question I'd like to ask is, in a lot of your music you have this effect that breaks up the sound like in the Matrix film and goes all bitcrusher-like. Please can you tell me what bit of kit you used to do that? Thanks in advance, John Davies.

Ott responded on 09/01/2015
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if i had a magic stick, I would use it to live stream your Ozora Chill Stage set to all televisions in the world and make people understand that "it really is just a musical thing, we are supposed to sing and dance while the songs are being played."

And of course I would also reward myself with infinite amount of black mulberry ice cream.

Joke aside, it was the most intense musical event I've ever been in, which includes a few gigs of yours too, but listening to songs from Fairchildren before the release and knowing that your effort during those studio hours are worth in the best possible way was simply beautiful.

I also have a little question; at your gig in Dragon Nest, I thought you guys played 2 super-duper unreleased songs. Just before your gig at Chill Stage, I've met Mr. Barker and asked him if they were Ott or Ott & All Seeing I songs and he said 1 from each, but I may have misheard him in crowd. Did you guys really play a song from upcoming All Seeing I album? :)

Ott responded on 09/01/2015
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