Hey man, congrats on the new album release. We can’t wait to check you out in Baltimore, MD on September 20, 2015.

You’re listed for various roles on a few of Shpongle’s albums. What distinguishes an engineer from an editor, producer, or other production roles?

Thanks for the tunes. Catch you soon.

Ott responded on 09/01/2015

I have done very little on Shpongle's records. I compiled the first album [just glued the tracks together into their album sequence] and played timbales on one track on another album. That's all.

An engineer is the person who is in charge of the machines in a studio. They typically operate the mixer, outboard gear and microphones at the direction of the producer.

The producer is responsible for the overall running of the project. She might influence the musical arrangements, instrumentation, the direction of the recordings and mixes, or none of the above. 'Producer' is something of a nebulous job description. Some 'producers' show up to the studio, get stoned on the sofa and then take the credit for everyone else's work. Some almost single-handedly create the record.

Editing is the process of cutting down or extending the tracks and compiling them together into an album-flow. It isn't so much of a specialism in the modern music industry. Everyone is an editor nowdays.

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