Hi Ott, thanks so much for the new album! I have a question on eq... do you have any tips on how to get a big sound which covers a large frequency range to sit in the mix - do you find a need to automate the eq a lot as the sound changes, or do you use any other techniques? An example would be the main arpeggiated melody in Owl Stretching Time which always seems to sound balanced in the mix on every note.

Ott responded on 09/01/2015

That's just good old fashioned fader-riding.

One thing I would recommend is buying one of those 'one-fader and some buttons' DAW controllers [I have a Steinberg CC121] and manually automating your levels one at a time. It's not necessary for drums and bass and stuff, but for lead lines, vocals, etc, it makes a huge but subtle difference to the way things sit.

Placing yourself in a realtime feedback loop with your DAW quite often yields satisfying results and there's no beating the action of real knobs and faders.

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