What are your thoughts about Nord Lead synths? Ever tried one? did you enjoy it? Any reason you don't use it?

I want to buy my very first synth, going to use it for psytrance, psydub and just generally making cool music. Any advice of synths for a beginner but that i can also grow with?

Also, thank you for answering our questions. It means a lot to me since you are my favourite musician.

Ott responded on 09/03/2015

I'm sure they're very good, or maybe they were in their day. I have fiddled with one a few times but I never fell in love. Not enough to get one, anyway.

As a learning synth it would be a good purchase as it is very clearly laid out.

I recently got a Roland SH01 Gaia synth and I love it. It also would be a great learning synth.

Again, it is clearly laid out but more closely matches my taste.

But there's loads of great synths out there and ultimately you're going to have to try a few out and see which one captures your heart.

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