Would you consider having an apprentice? I know you like working alone and in your way/time. But is there any chance at all that you would?

Would you consider posting some informative videos on YouTube? Maybe not "tutorials" but more of "this sound goes great with this.." or "this is how i mostly make my ....."?

Ott responded on 09/05/2015

In a lot of ways having somebody watch me while I work would be my worst nightmare. I need to feel totally alone and uninhibited to make music and even having my dog in the room bursts my bubble. Even a moth fluttering about in the lampshade or a fly buzzing at the window can kill my concentration enough to be exasperating.

Sometimes I do think it would be excellent to have a trusted sidekick to make tea and fix cables and clean the mixing desk and hit record while I concentrate on playing but I'm so utterly impossible to deal with when making my own music that I doubt the right person exists on this planet.

I did record some videos but when I watched them back they felt incredibly boring and narcissistic. All I can describe is how to make MY music and that's no good to anyone else. Maybe I'll have another go when I work out how to work in more dick-jokes and fewer references to obscure 1970s English prog-rock bands.

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