Thank you. Another question. ┬┐What about bass? I have a lovely Yamaha Bass and it's lowest note is 40.5hz. Can I trust my instinct and try to find a tight bass with these gear, or should I get supplementary monitoring? I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 btw.

Ott responded on 09/10/2015

Learn to read VU meters. I recommend Klanghelm VUmt Duo.

Learning how to use these properly is probably the most important thing you'll ever do with regard to judging your bass levels in a room with less than perfect acoustics.

Unless your room acoustics are reasonably predictable [unlikely unless you're very lucky or you've spent some time and money getting it right] adding more monitors will not make judging bass any easier.

Headphones are not a reliable way of judging very low frequencies because we don't hear sub bass, we feel it through our bodies. Your ears are not that useful when judging the low end.

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