Thank you for making vibrant, colorful, and uplifting music.

I have seen you twice now this summer, first time (ever) at Red Rocks, and the second at Mishawaka! I must say it was cool to see all of the visuals with your music at RR but Mishawaka I felt was a whole other experience because of the lack of visuals. I think people forget about the music with the entertaining light shows these days. The Mish show, I felt, really brought back the music, dancing and creating what ever image comes to your own mind. It was one of my favorite shows I have EVER been to!

I will be going to Sonic Bloom 2016 and Tipper will be playing (FUNKTION-ONE SPEAKERS!) Will there be any chance you will be playing at the festival next summer? I know it is some time away but it would be really great to see you again! Maybe come with the All Seeing I?

Thank you for everything you do!

Much Love,

Ott responded on 09/13/2015

If they invite me I will show up but it's up to them. I go where I'm invited.

I really loved that Mishawaka show too. It's a special place and we sold it out. Couldn't have been better really.

I agree about the visuals. I like to play gigs in dark rooms with one dim green lightbulb above the stage.

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