Hi Ott,
I've heard that when mixing tracks that are going to be mastered to mix them a slightly dark as to let the mastering engineer make the track sing during mastering. Is this something you keep in mind while mixing.

Ott responded on 09/17/2015

In a way, yes. I don't purposefully mix 'dark' but I do resist the temptation to pile on loads of hi-frequency, in the knowledge that the EQ available to the mastering engineer will do a much better job than anything in my studio.

The effect of a broad HF shelf boost from a £10,000 equaliser in the hands of a skilled mastering engineer is a thing of beauty and wonder, and by not mixing too bright I allow room for that to happen.

I always mix the kick drum slightly too loud so that the mastering engineer can push it back in with his lovely Maselec or Neumann compressor and make the track pump a bit.

For the 'Fairchildren' album in particular I mixed with the mastering stage in mind. I used no main buss processing while mixing, and left masses of headroom for Kevin to work in. It worked great I think.

The mastering is easily 20% of the sound of that record in my opinion.

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