Which of your musical creations are you most fond of? Specifically which track? If that's even possible to quantify...

Ott responded on 09/29/2015

At the moment it's 'Harwell Dekatron'.

I like its 'architectural' feel - it has 'structural integrity' - and it is littered with little jokes and references which make me smile. And a sample in Dutch.

'The Queen Of All Everything' will always be special to me because it signifies me meeting the love of my life, and I'll always be very proud of 'Smoked Glass and Chrome'. That song came out of nowhere and it was the moment I realised I could spread out a bit and write love songs if I wanted to.

'Squirrel And Biscuits' is quite dear to me because I fought very hard to get it to where I wanted it. I mixed it nine times before I was happy with it. The last mix was finished twenty minutes before I left for the mastering studio.

And 'Unit Delta Plus' makes me happy because it incorporates a lot of very specific sonic references from my childhood and doesn't sound like anything else that I have ever heard. Which was what I set out to achieve.

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