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What has been your best meal on the road so far? What food have you eaten on the road that your not extremely proud of speaking about? :o)

Ott responded on 10/01/2015

Best meal EVER was a $250 sushi blow-out with a couple of friends at Bamboo Sushi in Portland, Oregon.

Obscene, I know, but completely stunning.

Worst thing I ever ate on the road was a bag of microwave popcorn I found in a hotel vending machine at 3:00am. I was looking for the least-harmful thing and decided that popcorn had to be more benign than Snickers, Cheetos, M&Ms, etc.


As well as corn it contained this REPULSIVE substance which the packet euphemistically referred to as 'butter' but which tasted like some kind of high-tech nano-particle space-industry lubricant. I could feel it in my mouth for days afterwards. Truly TRULY appalling.

Most times though I walk in to restaurants, sit down and say "Caesar salad, no croutons, dressing on the side, Perrier."

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