Great fkn show last night, man. Solid handshake on your part as well. And yes, it's very like our people to be hanging out on random, dark street corners in Cleveland ; )

My question is, on those low end sub-basses, do you find yourself using hardware, software, a blend of both? I'm having difficulty getting it as juicy as I'd like and as blatantly flowing as yours. Tips?

Ott responded on 10/02/2015

Yeah, it was great to meet you Chris.

Recently I have taken to building bass sounds out of layers and I have found that the best results for the really low end is to generate a sub-bass sound on an analogue synth and then sampling it, so that it plays back consistently.

Analogue synths inherently have more life and animation to them, which is great for upper-register sounds but not really what I want down the low end.

Down there I want solid dependability and I find that by sampling a sound from an analogue synth [I used an Akai S3200XL but you could use Kontakt or Halion or EXS24 or Sampler/Simpler] I get all of the character of the analogue source but with the solidity of digital playback.

But it's also down to how it sits in the mix, the EQ and compression you use and what all the other sounds are doing too. Turning the hi-hats up can make the bass suddenly sound weak. Sound is weird like that. Nothing works as intuitively as you might think.

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