Hi Ott,
I've got a question... I have 4 layers of vocals on separate tracks (just copies of a single vocal track)
01. main vocal that has slight filtered sweeps
2. a vocoded layer of the same
3. a layer that pushes only the transients of the words
4. a layer with only wet short and long delays

Together they are sounding smooth but I would like them to sound more blended as if it were a single track. Almost like a smooth pad. Any suggestions besides compression?

Thanks and be well!

Ott responded on 10/05/2015

Impossible to tell without hearing it.

It could be compression [why 'besides compression'?] saturation, reverse reverb, or any number of techniques.

My approach is usually to try stuff out until I get what I want.

Experimentation is key. Try everything. Even finding out what doesn't work is valuable.

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