Hey, I would just like to say that I'm absolutely blown away by your creativity and ability to make such feel good music. Props from south africa! Those Western instruments I hear in your music, are you physically playing them? I myself am a musician trying to fuse instruments with electronic elements. I read in the previous comment that you like to work alone but if you are interested in adding other instruments to your music I would be so honoured to do so. If not, I understand. But I definitely hope to get a chance to experience a live set. All the best.

Ott responded on 10/11/2015

I don't play any traditional instruments particularly well but I'm also not at all hung-up on technique which means I'll have a go at most things and with enough editing I can usually find a sound that pleases me. I play guitars with dinner forks and vibrators, pianos with lemons and glockenspiels by dropping jelly beans on them.

My main instrument, the computer, enables me to fashion musical parts out of the happy accidents I make.

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