One issue I'm mindful of when producing is that I have way too many tools & instruments at hand and never get to know a single on inside out.

Movements like dub, punk and hip hop were spawned from necessity to innovate with limited resources backed with socio-political struggle. Do you see a correlation in the level of homogeneity is some EDM scenes with the comfortable lifestyles of its producers and consumers?

Also, do you ever limit yourself to a set of toys or a single instrument to push yourself to get something fresh out of it?

Ott responded on 10/12/2015

Yes and yes.

For 'Fairchildren' my limitation was to use as few plugin synths and effects as possible and I achieved that, to a great extent. I think by only using equipment with no available presets I managed to avoid a lot of the sonic clich├ęs I hear when I'm out.

I'm aware, however, that that is just my bullshit opinion and my music could well sound like generic horseshit to everyone else.

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