Hello Ott!

Thank you for the new album! Can't wait to have my vinyl copy!! :)
I read in an interview of yours quite a while back that you hate psytrance. Would you care to say why? Is it the beat? The lack of melody? The bpm? because it's non home listening friendly? If this is the case, how do you feel like at all these psytrance festivals where you play. Are you constantly irritated by the music? Can you name any psytrance track that you like?

I think i'd be strange in a way, because your music is such a part of the scene. At the last festival I went to, I could hear your music popping up here and there at the camping site quite a few times.

It's a silly question, but it got me curious a few times ;) I'd ask Simon Posford the same thing by the way!!


Ott responded on 10/12/2015

I have never said I hate it. I don't 'hate' any music. It's just that some is not to my taste.

I was making Goa trance from 1994 to 1998 and spent a lot of time at Goa/psy trance parties during the 90s.

My last effort was called 'Black Ops' under the pseudonym 'Hikikimori' which I recorded in 1998 and then sat on for four years.

But my taste moved on. I fell out of love with the full-on psy-trance which took over around the turn of the millennium and started making the music that eventually became Blumenkraft.

I was never a dancefloor person. At parties I always headed for wherever the tea, spliffs and conversation were at and I still enjoy psy-trance parties enormously - just not the main floor music. I find it a little cold, generic, and lacking in emotional warmth. It's easy to avoid though.

As I have said many times, I dislike psy-trance but I love the people who like it.

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