I know I angered you concerning the Brittany spears track toxic and I get what you were trying to say after listening to it over 15 times.Given your prowess for production who are your favourite producers young and old. Also have you ever seen a ufo ?

Ott responded on 10/12/2015

I think I remember the conversation and I can assure you no anger was felt at any point. I don't expect anyone to share my bullshit opinions. The other night at one of my gigs one of the other bands and the venue's hospitality manager started talking about 'Toxic' and we all went 'GENIUS' in unison,. Then we sang it all together, spontaneously in three-part harmony. It was an amazing moment.

Favourite producers? Jeff Lynne, Rheinhold Mack, Giorgio Moroder, Martin Hannett, Martin Rushent, Daniel Miller, Chris Thomas, Nick Lowe.

I've seen lots of UFOs but as they were, by definition, unidentified, they could have been birds, aircraft, or just tricks of the light.

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