Hello Ott!
You are definitely my number 1 electronic artist, please keep this going, don't stop producing anytime soon.
I would like to know what is your personal opinion on Carbon Based Lifeforms music? And you've said in some interview that "The Orb" were an inspiration for you. Can you please tell me what other artist you think got you inspired.

Thank you!

Ott responded on 10/12/2015

I haven't listened to Carbon Based Lifeforms but I understand they are very highly respected in their field.

Apart from The Orb, there is Dub Syndicate, Fishbone, The Barry Gray Orchestra, Sun Ra, Hatfield And The North, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Royksopp, Jon Hopkins, The Residents, Trans-Am, Squarepusher, The Sex Pistols, Queen, Cardiacs, New Order, My Bloody Valentine, LFO...

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