Hi Ott, I've been a fan of your music since about 2007. I used to be in the U.S. Navy, in the submarine force, which is not a happy experience most of the time. I would listen to your music after being underwater for months to try and relax. Specifically, I have strong memories of laying in my bunk listening to A Shower of Sparks over and over, letting my mind create imagery to that song. So I first wanted to say thank you for what you do.

My question is: I always listen to my favorite electronic musicians and wonder what they think of each other, or if they listen to each other. For instance, Royksopp, Shpongle, Ulrich Schnauss, and Infected Mushroom are in my top favorites. I know you've worked with Simon Posford before, but do you listen to those other groups and enjoy them, or would you ever want to work with them?

Ott responded on 10/11/2015

Wow, that's amazing. Can you imagine how extraordinary it is for me to discover that a piece of music I made with my pixie friend Louise on a summer day in rural England was being played in a US Navy submarine? That's intense.

I don't envy your [ex] job but I admire your courage. Submariners are a special breed, no doubt.

I enjoy Schnauss a great deal - he is plainly influenced by the shoegaze music I listened to in the 1990s [Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Ride, MBV etc] and he has a genius touch for a heart-melting melody.

Royksopp are almost perfect. 'Happy Up Here' is my goto song if I want to simulate an ecstasy-rush. It's so good it makes me tearful with joy.

I'm not a huge fan of collaborating but I'd make an exception for them. Ideally i would love to mix or engineer a record for them.

Top of my fanboy hitlist, though, would be Goldfrapp. I would give anything to record and/or mix one of their records. They are both astonishingly talented.

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