Hello from the tiny islands of the Maldives! I wrote on your facebook ages ago and you thought i had an interesting name. Iv been a fan of your forever and i will one day plan out a way for you to play a gig on a Maldivian Beach.

so, my artist name is pretty silly. It was actually supposed to be a duo project with a friend called 'Alpha & Omega'. It never happened so i called myself Om:mega (u see what i did there? haha) and i fucking hate it. Any other brilliant suggestions, i swear ill change it if it came from you haha.

thanks for all the amazing music my friend. I love you!

Ott responded on 10/11/2015

I can't name your band, it has to come from within.

Close your eyes, clear your mind of all thoughts, and write down the first word which occurs to you.

That's what you should call yourself.

[Make sure you're not dying for a piss when you do this.]

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