Great show this summer at Emmaboda festival! I actually used the fact that you were playing there to get 8 friends to come along. The show was stunning and groovy (as was your show at Emmaboda 2013 as well!) I really hope you go back there (perhaps with the all-seeing I ?) You playing there makes it worth the 9 hour trip! Anyway! Can you name a few of your favorite films (and also what you like about them)?

Ott responded on 10/16/2015

Ott & The All-Seeing I at Emmaboda? That sounds like a plan. Email them and request it.

Favourite films?

Goodfellas - It's a great story, brilliantly written, shot and acted.

Casino - See above.

The Wolf Of Wall Street - See above. I'm a massive Scorsese fanboy.

Pulp Fiction - See above. Tarantino is also a massive Scorsese fanboy.

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Because it was so brilliantly written, acted and shot and because it left me feeling like it was an entirely plausible scenario. And it has an ARP 2500 in it.

Withnail And I. Because it is set in a uniquely evocative place and time and it makes me long to be there with them.

Get Carter. [The original with Michael Caine]. Pure class.

I love 1960s and 1970s British films, particularly ones with Michael Caine in them. See also The Ipcress File, Billion Dollar Brain and The Italian Job [not the travesty Hollywood remake!].

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