Thank you for the amazing, creative, mind expanding and inspiring work, I truly appreciate listening to the music you produce, and it all started with Adrift in Hilbert Space.
Just wondering when I might be able to see you play a show in Calgary, Canada??
Also as an aspiring musician and someone who's looking to get into making electronic music, what would be some tips you could give for a starting point into making psychedelic music?
And finally I'd love to hear your thoughts on a collab album or show with Shpongle, that would be amazing
Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions !
Cheers bro

Ott responded on 10/11/2015

1. I play where I'm invited so if a show promoter in Calgary books me to play, I'm there.

2. Buy a copy of Reason 8 and lock yourself in the house with it. Do nothing else until you're proficient with it. If you have music in you, it'll come out.

3. Probably not. I like to work alone and collabs aren't really my thing.

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