Hi Ott did 'Screamadelica' - Primal Scream have any impact on you as a clubber in the 90s? The album has a dubby psychedelic feel to it similar to your own superb productions.



Ott responded on 10/14/2015

God yes.

In 1991, aged 23, I moved from a shithole provincial town in southern England to the heart of London and ended up living in a squat in Islington, N1, with a load of ravers, stoners and pillheads from Barmouth, North Wales.

They played a lot of crap, tinny rave music which I wasn't into, but they also played Screamadelica, Gary Clail, Dub Syndicate, The Orb and African Head Charge which I loved.

I remember lying in the garden one particularly sunny Sunday morning, off my fucking nut, listening to the whole album from beginning to end and becoming convinced we were going to save the human race with positivity.

We didn't but we had a fucking good go.

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