How would you start a downtempo or psymbient music scene in a country ( ecuador ) that has been taken over completely by deep house and house music? (Theres always international djs coming every weekend) for me sometimes its boring, because you just listen to some tracks mixed one after another, but rarely a true artistic performance like a live set or a psymbient band playing crazy stuff like your band, wich is amazing.People over here doesn't aprecciate so much ambient or idm music, they define it as odd music or weird sounds. I actually got into that type of music after a lot of life lessons and conssiousness expansion that led me to be a better person and apreciate life and every living form in it, caring less about material things and focusing more on love and unity.
Maybe thats something that leads you to aprecciate this different but unique kind of music. I love you music i saw you 2 years ago at NY with bluetech and i was amazed.
What is your advice to make this scene known?

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

Being part of a 'scene' is not something that interests me, and it never has, so if I was in your position I would just enjoy the music I like and not care what others are listening to.

If you want people to share your vision all you can do is share your passions and if people identify with what you're showing them they'll join in.

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