Hello Sir,

After hours of getting getting my tracks sounding good, after exporting it as an audio file on ableton, that audio is always different from how i heard it before i exported it as an audio file. i have no technical knowledge of why this happens and is this always the case? do i need to always listen to that mix down and go back and adjust and re export the audio again?

thanks for doing this man. i dont know any other artist willing to put this much time answering questions from random strangers. you are amazing in so many ways!

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

No, that doesn't sound right.

Are you sure you're not listening back through iTunes with the EQ or processing switched on?

Or listening back through Ableton Live with the track warped or buss processing still inserted?

Without seeing your setup I couldn't say for sure, but there is definitely something not right going on somewhere.

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