Hi Ott, you mention Cardiacs as an influence and you credit Tim, Jim, Sarah, William, Dominic, and Tim Q early in the Book Of Awesome. Speaking as a fellow Cardiacs pondie from the '80s I can definitely hear Tim's influence in places in your work. I was wondering did you ever work with them or see them live?

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

I saw them many times and spent hundreds of hours listening to their music, although I would say I am as much influenced by Bill as I am Tim.

I first saw them live at The Astoria, London, in 1988 and I'm still reeling from the spectacle. To see such intricate and other-worldly music performed with such intensity, humour, warmth and astonishing technical skill was revelatory, and the wonder I felt that evening is what I now try to convey to other people with my own efforts.

I've never attempted to imitate them because that would be foolish, but I have included a few musical references and tributes along the way, most obviously the harmonium part at the very beginning of the 'Skylon' album.

Sadly, due to Timmy's illness, they no longer perform or record, but Bill Drake is still creating music of sublime beauty and I play this song at least once a day:

It is one of a handful of songs which makes me cry with happiness.

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