Hi Ott! I was so stoked to hear you're coming back to Vancouver. It was the absolute best concert I've ever been to--and best time I've had dancing--and I've been to many. It was magical.

Several people I've met (whom I did not know before) said the exact same thing. So, all we ask is PLEASE PLEASE play some of your "old" stuff from that concert. I think it was in 2011. I also LOVE Squirrel and Biscuits. Such creative song titles!

Also, will you be bringing any CDs this time? I love to buy CDs and get them signed by artists I like, so it would be great.

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

I'm flying between gigs and I'm right up to my baggage limit so I don't have any CDs with me. But you can order them here and request that I sign them:

As this is an album release tour I'm obviously going to be playing my new record, but there is some of the older stuff in there too.

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