Have you ever gotten a massage to your own music? I massage my horses to the tempo and arrangements of your tracks...and it's tried and true, a pasture of laid out horses is a sight to behold. A Shower of Sparks massage to the beat and ebbs and flows will lay a 1700 pound mare out like a wilted daisy on a warm these beautiful compilations just randomly manifest, or do you lay out some kind of basic skeleton and go from there. I'm just saying, the music is even influential to other species :)

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

Never met a horse I didn't like.

I probably wouldn't choose my own music for the background to a massage as I would probably end up analysing it too much, rather than switching off and enjoying the massage. For relaxation I generally choose silence.

If I have any formal compositional method it is to allow my machines and my subconscious to have lots of happy accidents and then employ my conscious mind to try to make sense of them. They start off as incoherent jumbles of random accidents and gradually they get corralled into neat shapes and patterns.

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