Hello there Ott!
I have been producing electronic music since 2005, and I allways wondered this: after some time of producing electronic music, and reaching your level of professionalism, would you say that inspiration no longer matters? You just sit and start making good tracks? And how long in general does it take to finish a song?
Thank you for your precious time! Love your songs!

Ott responded on 10/14/2015

Hi Lucas,

I definitely don't just sit down and effortlessly string together fully-formed compositions at will. My songs get pieced together over weeks, months and sometimes years. I don't really keep track of how long I spend but my last album, Fairchildren, has eight tracks and took about 18 months to complete, although that wasn't all time spent solidly working.

Some days I feel like it and stuff happens, other days I don't and I do something else instead. I know by now not to force it so I only ever work when I'm feeling creative. During the earlier parts of the process this is more of an issue and as each song progresses and I move from creating initial sketches, to arranging the ideas into a coherent form, through to mixing the finished composition, the process becomes more stable and predictable.

Mixing is my 'home skill', as it were, and I find I can mix records to the same standard regardless of how 'inspired' I'm feeling.

The real effort, for me, is in the arrangement.

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