Why do you think the biggest douchebags always get to become politicans?

Ott responded on 10/16/2015

Because people who aren't douchebags don't tend to survive in the world of politics. A sane, empathic, well-adjusted person would get drowned out by all the dishonest, venal, ego-driven douchebaggery which has become accepted as standard behaviour for politicians.

In the USA it is virtually impossible to become an elected official without first declaring a belief in the Christian version of the god myth, so you have this ludicrous situation where to stand any chance of attaining power you are required to declare a belief in invisible fairies.

It's quite funny watching Donald Trump, who in my opinion has no sincerely-held religious beliefs, fumbling around trying to dodge questions about his professed piety because he knows that if he isn't perceived to be in abject fear of the vengeful hairy sky-dude he doesn't stand a chance of office.

I'm hoping for Trump Vs. Corbyn in the continuation of the 'special relationship'. That shit will be funnier than South Park.

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