Hi Ott, have you heard of "Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators" ? Theyre like affordable gameboy-like loop-creators. Theres one for drums, one for bass and one for melodies. They seem very easy to use and also powerful.

Im just getting back into making music with Reason, but I miss having some hands-on hardware. These operators seem like a good place to start, next to a MIDI-keyboard.

like the raw and digital chip-tune sounds they make. And I'm thinking in combination with more personalized instrumentals they could function as a reliable backbone for percussion and bass sounds. Would love to hear your impression/ opinion!

Ott responded on 10/19/2015

I had a fiddle with them at the Moog store in Asheville, and they didn't really grab me. I'm sure they're excellent but they're not my kind of thing.

I tried the OP-1 and I found it intriguing, but slightly too much money for an impulse purchase.

As far as synths go I'm not really into the small blippy devices like these and the Korg Volca range. I like big, old synths which smell when they get warm.

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