Hi Ott, thanks for all the inspiration. few questions:
1 Do you experiment with different time signatures or do you go for the 4/4 most times? Can you give an example of a track you made in a different time signature?
2 Do you start every track by choosing a tempo and a key and then experiment within that key or is that something you decide in the progress of the track?
3 Do you tune all the samples/instruments/drums to the key you are using or do you just listen and feel what fits in without thinking too much about the key?
These things can block me creativly sometimes and i just wanted to ask the best wizard out there. Maybe you have some advice?

Hope to see you in Stockholm some day.

Ott responded on 10/20/2015

1. I generally think in 2/4/8/16/32 divisions but it's not a rule or anything. The remix I did of Shpongle's 'Around The World In A Tea Daze' was partly in 7/8 and I quite like the disorienting effect, but I like the compelling inevitability of a 4/4 even more.

2. I generally start with a tempo and a key but these always change. To give you an example, on 'Fairchildren' the tracks '16mm Summer day and 'The Bicycle Of The Sky' started out as the same song. I started upping the tempo and at some point I realised I had two distinct halves so I split them up and continued with each half separately.

3. I tune each sound so that it falls into a complimentary key but I don't rigidly pull everything into. say, D minor. Sometimes if things are theoretically 'wrong' they create a tension which sounds musically right. Dissonance can be fun, particularly when it is resolved. 'Unit Delta Plus' is an example of this.

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