Good evening, my good man.
I'm at the point where I have amassed a decent amount of music I have been writing for some time now. Ableton on my mac, an APC40, an Elektron Machinedrum, and an Elektron Analog Four will be on the stage with me when I venture to perform it.
I have been having some trouble gridding it all within Ableton to still be able to "play" it live, instead of just recording the full tracks and doing it as a DJ set.
Is it truly just another instance of me meandering through the process as I do everything else, or is there some sort of more simplified process I could use?
I really like the blend of hardware and a DAW, but I know eventually I will have to consolidate for ease of travel and such. I realized that as I saw you leave that Cleveland venue with nothing but a small laptop bag with your Mac and controllers.
Anyway, good on ya, Ott. Keep on keepin on.

Yours truly,
Chris (wielder of a mean handshake)

Ott responded on 10/20/2015

One way to do it is to split your songs into eight or sixteen bar sections and use 'Follow Actions' to knit them back together again. This means your arrangements will play back as normal but you can break in at any time and rearrange them on the fly.

Always remember, the vast majority of people in the audience don't give a shit how you achieve your music as long as it sounds great and is fun to perform and listen to. There are no prizes for extra complex setups and what might be a technically clever use of equipment may well not be that much fun to dance to.

The only thing that matters is what comes out of the speakers. How you get there is unimportant, but if it is fun to perform that is a bonus.

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