Hi Ott,
Thanks for answering my questions through the years. Have you ever used an extra master buss in a mix. saying that Individual trax get bussed accordingly to their catagories ( drums, bass keys ect) and they in turm get bussed to the 1st master buss. Then the 1st master buss goes to the final master buss. Now you can use the 1st master buss to control the volume of the grouped busses with one fader. Then using the final master buss for any mastering plugins. Does this make sense or am I losing it?

And always remember "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things".

Ott responded on 10/24/2015

I probably have done that at some point but it would make more sense to just gang the subgroup faders and control the level going to the master buss with those, or just adjust the input gain to the master buss channel. Cubase allows you to do this.

Also, I don't tend to work with anything across the master buss these days. I prefer to process my subgroups individually and leave any master processing to the mastering engineer.

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