No question, just a comment. I saw you with Plantrae in Austin Texas. You were awesome. We almost stole your shoes (as a memento of the event) since you left them on stage, but I couldn't bring myself yo leave you without shoes. Haha -

You are my all-time favorite artist of any genre, just awesome man. nobody even comes close.

Please do let me know if you'll ever be in Texas again. Oklahoma too, that's not too far. I drove 5 hours to see you in Austin. My friend flew in from North Carolina, so needless to say, you most definitely have a fan-base in the US.

Keep up the good work.

Wait. I do have a question after all. What are your spiritual views? Are you Christain? Do you believe in God? Evolution? What is your point of view?

Thanks for all the great music.


Ott responded on 11/10/2015

My answer to the previous question pretty much covers it.

I have no intellectual or spiritual need for a god, I don't identify with any cult or sect, the evidence for evolution is quite compelling and religious zeal has never shown itself to be a force for good.

But I'm keen for everyone to believe whatever makes them happy and I'll fight for their right to do so.

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