Hello! I wonder if you will come to tour in the middle east at any time. I live in Doha. Would be amazing to see you. More than anything, I wish to thank you for sharing your gifts. They save so many, including me!

Ott responded on 11/10/2015

Thank you and I'm grateful for the opportunity to enrich your life.

I won't be visiting Qatar ever because I am not comfortable with the way they formulate and implement their laws.

I'm not comfortable with the legal subjugation of women, the persecution of queers or the draconian approach to recreational drug use, amongst other things.

I'm fully aware that the state doesn't fully represent the people in any society but by the same token it is impossible to visit any country and not encounter the excesses of the state.

There are countries in the middle east where I would love to visit and play music, but none are situated on the Arabian Peninsula or around the Persian Gulf.

Me and Sharia Law are just not made for each other.

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