Hello , i read about your wobblatron and i'm searching for informations about diy spring reverbs , do you have any advices, tips, websites or books to recommend ? Thanks and thanks ,

Ott responded on 11/10/2015

Do a Google search for 'Accutronics 19" spring'.

Then visit your local branch of Maplin [or equivalent, depending on where you live] and avail yourself of an input preamp, some sockets, wire and a soldering iron. Make shit up as you go along. It's very easy. Put the preamp before the spring tank and wire the output to the socket of your choice. If you want stereo you'll have to buy two of everything.

You should buy a cheap flanger or phaser pedal and incorporate that before the preamp, and it is very important to house it all in a Family Circle biscuit tin, painted salmon pink, with the word 'Wobblatron' inexpertly scrawled on the side in felt pen.

It will almost certainly sound shit but that's the point. It's an antidote to the cloying Eventide and Lexicon slop that tends to get poured over everything.

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