Hi Ott, in the past I've inquired about the burbling voice on Squirrel and Biscuits - I was wondering if it was based on the Soup Dragon...which it wasn't :). The other day I came across a video snippet of Stanley Unwin in a mock interview with "the man who voiced Bill and Ben"...who it sounded enough like the S&B voice to make me wonder if that was the I figured I'd are Bill & Ben the source of the S&B voice ?

Loving Fairchildren...Coursing Batch is my current fave..hope the worlds being good to you.


Ott responded on 12/28/2015

Hi Dave,

No, it's not The Soup Dragon, Stanley Unwin or Bill and Ben. It is from that era though.

Life is good, if a bit rainy, grey and overcast.

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