Hey Ott, do you like video games? Your love for old audio technology reminds me of people that love old gaming consoles from the 70’s and 80’s. What type do you enjoy? I recently played “Braid” and “Journey”, two unusual games that struck gold a few years back. I highly recommend.

Do you like video game music? You should check out OC Remix. The site hosts some quality game music for free. Also, if you’re looking to fuck about with pre-made melodies while creating your own arrangements, you should try submitting a track to OC Remix. I’d love to hear a submission from you.

Ott responded on 01/22/2016

I love '70s and '80s technology but games consoles never grabbed me. I always found their soundchips irritatingly lo-fi and I was way too busy with my lush-sounding analogue synths to be bothered with such low-resolution digital sound sources.

Old computers generally look way better than they sound.

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