What's your take on the broad migrations of people from Muslim countries? Some people from England and France say that their culture is being supplanted. Apparently, parts of some cities are Muslim-dominated and are dangerous for anyone else. Regardless, the stories are rarely positive.

Has western civilization given tolerance too much emphasis? Have people become so tolerant that they're tolerant of intolerant people (those people they are not designed to hate, anyway).

Has western civilization run its course? Is this a natural process? Is this a positive thing? It seems Muslim doctrine and post-doctrine encourages cultural/geographic supplanting. What is your take on the state of your country and other "liberal" European countries?

Ott responded on 02/03/2016

You've been watching too much Fox 'News'.

There are no '...Muslim-dominated cities which are dangerous for anyone else...' in either France or England.

Donald Trump is a fuckwit and Fox 'News' has already corrected its bullshit and apologised.

And anyway, Europeans have been supplanting others' cultures for centuries - the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, the Middle East, and huge swathes of Africa and east Asia are convincing evidence of that.

The largely peaceful migration of a few million people is as nothing compared to the vicious genocides that some of those nations are founded on.

Turn your TV off and go hang out with some Muslims. They're just people like you and me.

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