Hey Ottman, I was wondering if you've released any goa/psytrance stuff other than ''Black Ops''?

Apart from that I hope you have a splendid 2016!

I saw that you're playing in Finland soon-ish, hope to catch that show since I missed you at Ozora because of a goddamn fever, had to lay in my tent and hope that I wouldn't die...

Ott responded on 01/22/2016

Yes, I used to release as 'Eco' back in the early '90s.

I wrote and recorded a handful of 'goa' tunes but a 'friend' stole the master tapes and released them under his own name without me knowing. He kept all the money but very graciously included my name on some of the credits. The rest he took for himself.

They were released on Dendrite Records, Chocci's and TIP.

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