Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I vaguely remember reading that you were thinking of giving Logic Pro a whirl after having used Cubase for awhile. If that's correct, what are the pros and cons of each DAW for you?

Ott responded on 01/22/2016

The best DAW is the one you are most used to using. Familiarity breeds efficiency.

I was a Logic user from v1.0 until v5.5.3 when Apple bought Emagic, and discontinued the PC version. Then I switched back to Cubase which I had previously used since v2.1

Even though I have since switched to Mac I still use Cubase because I know it so well and because I find it to be the most creatively fulfilling and I enjoy its workflow.

On revisiting Logic Pro X I found it to be largely unchanged since 2003, except for a few additions [elastic audio etc]. They've also hidden the 'Environment'.

I wasn't hooked back in but I do use it occasionally just to break my patterns and introduce a bit of unfamiliarity to my writing process.

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