as a European from a nation of 'liberal' tendencies, what do you make of the migration situation in Germany and Sweden?

These countries are predicted to economically decline severely in the next couple of decades. Do you fear something similar in Britain/France?

where is the balance between an artists work ethic and awareness of current affairs that requires a sterner disposition, one often at odds with an 'artist's creative zone'?

obviously many artists can incorporate such polarizing topics through various mediums; do you find it enriching or distracting?

Ott responded on 01/22/2016

'Predicted to economically decline severely' [sic] by whom? Your sources please...

If you're asking me when I'm going to drop the 'love and peace' facade and start hating on brown people like a proper man you're in for a long wait.

I just see people living their lives and one thing of which I am absolutely certain is that were I to find myself and my family stuck in the middle of either extreme poverty or war I would do my utmost to get the fuck out and head for a place of safety and prosperity and I hope you would too.

I have nothing but admiration for somebody who is willing to travel 5000 miles clinging to the underside of a truck in order to find a better life for their family.

I cannot imagine summoning that level of courage, but then, I'll probably never have to, because I live in a place where the biggest problem most people ever face is how to not get fat on unlimited cheap food and subsidised travel.

I suggest you travel a bit and broaden your horizons.

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