Hello Ott, greetings from Lima, Peru. I have to admit that your music is one that I've never heard before and is quite honestly my favorite. I found you in the first few months of 2015 when I was searching for new electronic music on the web and have been listening almost every day since then. Thank you for blasting my consciousness into outer space and for being able to deeply cherish music that is uniquely beautiful.

For now, the questions I have for you are these:

What are your thoughts on 'From Trunch To Stromness' (the first song from you that I ever listened to and remains my ultimate favorite for some reason) and what inspired you to create it (if there was a specific spark to that ignition)?

And is there a rough estimate of when your next album will come out? Loved Fairchildren by the way.

Ott responded on 02/02/2016

My albums appear roughly once every three to four years so expect the next one around 2018.

I'm in the middle of writing one with my band - Ott & The All-Seeing I - which should be out in late 2016.

There is never any particular 'spark' which starts a song, I just sit down and express how I'm feeling at the time.

That song was an exercise in being minimal. I felt that a lot of my music was very dense and complex and I wanted to see if I could make something with more space in it.

I think i succeeded, relatively speaking.

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