Hi Ott. Ive had Tinnitus for almoast 2 weeks now. Probably from messing around with synths or listening to music too loud on earbuds. I'm trying not to panic over it since its "only" been a few weeks. Ironically this happened at a stage in life where I was just about to get back into making my own music. Also hoping I'll be able to catch you at Midnight Sun here in Norway this year.

I saw an earlier Q&A here where you said you also have it. Would you care to tell us more about it? Has it ever gotten in the way of your production? Was it worse in the beginning? Do you still get spikes?

Im just looking for some reassurance I guess.

Ott responded on 01/28/2016

A couple of points:

1. Concentrating on it and worrying about it will make tinnitus more apparent.

2. Have your doctor look in your ears and make sure you don't have a build up of wax. In 2009 my tinnitus got much worse over the course of a month and my hearing was deteriorating noticeably. I went to the doctor and he flushed about 2 grams of hard wax out of each ear.

3. Earbuds are dreadful things and should be avoided.

Only an audiologist can answer your questions definitively.

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