1) Fox News wasn't the only news centre reporting muslim 'no-go-zones'

2) Bias is found in every media outlet whether intended or not

3) Even if 'no-go-zones' are a hyperbole, the countless uploaded videos of local European people falling prey to groups of foreigners is a bit disconcerting

4) Hatred of brown skin people is not a prerequisite for analysis of migrant/refugee financial welfare

5) I agree past genocides and more recent destabilizations are terrible. Yet past transgressions are not a prerequisite for giving up cultural identity

6) Search "decline of Sweden" or any variant involving the variables of such a predicted decline. Germany was a stretch

7) I have traveled quite a bit. I asked my question out of concern for the places in England and France that I have visited. I was only wondering if you have noticed any of these global events at your own local level, and if so, have they influenced your creative work ethic

The last word is yours. I'll stick with your music

Ott responded on 02/08/2016

I could find you countless 'uploaded videos' showing that:

1. The US govt has recovered bodies of crashed aliens.
2. Chemtrails are real.
3. Reiki is real.
4. Zero-sum energy, perpetual motion machines and grapefruit seeds which cure cancer are real.

Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. There are MANY people whose mission is to create suspicion and hostility between people, and YouTube is a gift to them.

What you are watching is called 'propaganda'.

When I lived in London during the '90s, my neighbours on all sides were Muslim families. I couldn't have wished for kinder, friendlier, warmer and more generous neighbours, despite them having to spend most Sunday mornings scrubbing the words 'Paki scum fuck off!' from the shutters of their shop.

They were constantly abused, harassed and threatened for expressing their own 'cultural identity' but I don't recall them ever asking anyone to give up theirs.

Please stop spreading the lie.

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