I've recently started writing lots of jazz influenced music. Do you think there should be any boundaries when it comes to fusing sounds? I know you're not keen on trance music as such, but is psychedelic jazz prog a step to far?
p.s your music goes really well with Belvine single malt.

Ott responded on 02/02/2016

There are no boundaries. All new forms of music are born of unholy marriages between existing styles.

The weirder the better in my book.

I envy people who enjoy good whisky. When I was a teenager I drank so much cheap, blended, Spar own-brand 'Scotch-style' beverage that I now cannot disassociate the smell of whisky from the smell of vomit. Even the good stuff tastes like drain-cleaner to me.

But I've never really like the taste of booze. I gave up drinking in 1986 and never looked back.

I have a very juvenile, unsophisticated palate: I tend to go for stuff like chocolate milk and Pepsi, except that I'm too fat for those these days and so I usually go for fizzy water with a piece of lemon.


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